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Congregate. Connect. Communicate. At the World Conference Center Bonn, the Main Building and the former Plenary Hall - with a total capacity of up to 7,000 participants - provide you with a host of opportunities.

Our flexibility is second to none, as we are able to adjust the size of the main conference halls to your conception. Whether you are planning an on-site meeting or preparing for a digital or hybrid set-up, at our conference center we offer ample space to successfully carry out unique, safe and secure events.

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Symposium 2024: Turning point! The out-of-home market between AI, climate cuisine and staff shortages

The Chefs Culinar Symposium 2024 will take place in the plenary building on 15.05.2024. In addition to impulses, information and trends, it is also about innovations, entertainment, prominent speakers, knowledge, hospitality and much more.

Further information can be found here.

17th Congress for Hospital Hygiene

From May 12 - 15, 2024, the Congress for General and Hospital Hygiene will take place in the main building of the World Conference Center Bonn. In addition to a large number of lectures and events on the subject of hospital hygiene, but also general hygiene, there will be an accompanying exhibition.

Further information can be found here.

Vote for diversity, democracy and tolerance!

"STIMMT" is a joint initiative of the event industry that stands up for democratic values and a society in its diversity and plurality. 
Further information can be found here.

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History of the Plenary Building

In May 1949, Bonn is designated as provisional seat of the federal bodies. The Bundestag as the federal parliament convenes at the Pedagogical Academy.

In late 1949 Bonn is declared the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, and up until the 1980s the parlia­mentarians use the extension to the Academy’s former gym­nasium as their meeting venue.

In 1987, after many years of debate and planning, the old plenary hall is demolished. A new plenary hall is built according to the plans of architect Günter Behnisch.

The construction works for the new plenary hall start in 1988; its inauguration takes place in 1992. During the construction phase the parliamentarians meet at the nearby waterworks.

Ever since fall of 1999 the former plenary hall is part of the WorldCCBonn and can be rented for events of any kind.


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