Entrance level
 Floor spaceTheatre Classroom
New York2.552 m²3.0001.460
New York and Genf3.214 m²3.5401.880
Second floor
 Floor spaceTheatreBoardroom
Gallery New York 730 


Further hall configurations via partition walls

Central partitioning of New York + Genf
plus exhibition space
on the ground floor level
1.100 seats in rows
1.700 m²
Central partitioning of York York + Genf
plus adjacent hall
for an evening event
1.100 seats in rows
1.100 persons, banquet

Reduction of New York
to 1.450 m² with rising rows of seats
plus gallery

1.450 seats in rows or 710 parliamentary style
249 seats


Marie Méchineau-Herrmann
Senior Sales Manager

Tel. +49 (0)228 9267-1199

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Further Venues

  • Bild: Saal: Wien


    Size348 m²
    Theatre style440
    Classroom style196
  • Bild: Saal: Addis Abeba

    Addis Abeba

    Size262 m²
    Theatre style345
    Classroom style140
  • Bild: Saal: Nairobi


    Size543 m²
    Theatre style600
    Classroom style320
  • Bild: Saal: New York

    New York

    Size2.552 m²
    Theatre style2.820
    Classroom style1.476
  • Bild: Saal: Genf


    Size662 m²
    Theatre style836
    Classroom style384
  • Bild: Saal: Bangkok


    Size310 m²
    Theatre style350
    Classroom style168
  • Bild: Saal: Santiago de Chile

    Santiago de Chile

    Size407 m²
    Theatre style198
    Classroom style180
  • Bild: Saal: Tokio


    Size310 m²
    Theatre style200
    Classroom style198